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kids using microcope looking at phytoplankton

Crabbing is fun!

The South Coast is famous for its seafood and has a long heritage of fishing to support local communities. Is there a modern twist for careers in water based farming along the coast?

There’s nothing more British than fish and chips after a long day on the beach. And after we’ve eaten, what better way to entertain the troops than a spot of Crabbing. 

Have you ever wondered how many crabs you can put in your bucket before they start fighting?  

Or how they see? 

And possibly you hadn’t realized there are growing industries along the South Coast based on researching and farming in the sea.

Funded by the BCP Futures, Modernizing Mariculture aims to support local businesses and help them emerge from the Pandemic stronger than before.  Few realise what is involved in sea farming – mariculture. So the Modernising Mariculture programme undertook research across companies along the coast to produce an animated story and engage with young people, to produce a short animation and a quiz trail at Mudeford and Poole Quays.

The website will be launched for the start of 2023 with a competition to win eco-friendly crabbing kits.

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