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Latest News

Our next grant proposals are focusing on growing community interest in the amazing coastline across our region. A regional project, funded by BCP, is exploring the modern face of the mariculture industry and the outcomes including an animation and interactive trail across Poole and Mudeford Quays will be ready for October half-term.

The Ocean Challlenge, funded by BAE Systems was piloted in June and July with two primary schools with year 6 students. The second stage pilot will take place in the coming school year.

Our Vision

Focusing on the wonder, diversity, unexplored potential and boundless opportunities of our seas and oceans, Discover Science Christchurch will inspire all visitors, including our future scientists, engineers and technicians, to find solutions enabling us to create a more sustainable world.

Our Mission

Our mission will be to motivate people to explore and grasp the link between their everyday lives and the environment around them. Whether large or small, in conserving our seas and oceans for generations to come, we will be showcasing the evolving engineering and scientific initiatives being developed, and the local people behind them.

How We Do This

In becoming the hub of our regional community, our 1000 m2 centre will be filled with interactive and hands-on activities, changing exhibitions, guest speakers and themed events, all underpinned with knowledge, research and professional expertise.

In reaching out and engaging with communities, businesses, organisations, universities and Governmental bodies, we will create a multi-disciplinary and curriculum relevant ecosystem to engage all in the wonder of the oceans, inspiring and motivating towards responsible citizenship and encouraging future scientists and engineers.

Our Strategic Pillars

Physical Connections:  Shining a spotlight on the people, problems and solutions through a range of different content, touch-points and experiences, targeting a variety of different community groups and local/regional businesses.

Progression and Action:  Everyone can take action, from small steps to proactive activism, each carrying on the work of our great scientists and engineers.

Outreach:  Embedding inclusivity in everything we shall reach a multitude of people exposing them to rich and diverse science and engineering.

Fundraising and Partnerships:  Making sure Discover Science Christchurch lives on through its projects and ambitions with the best resources available with financial sustainability.

Our Supporters

Christchurch Science and Discovery Centre is supported by the developers, Aster Homes, local scientists/engineers, universities, schools and business people, and we want you to share our excitement and contribute your ideas and energy. Add your thoughts to ours to shape the future. Support us

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